About JDeane

“Everything I do is for the kids.”

The year is 2019 where Jordan will celebrate his 28th birthday in April. He is from and currently resides in Montgomery County, 45 minutes outside the Metropolitan area of Philadelphia. Jordan is a very encouraging, kind and enthusiastic guy who doesn’t like to make things any harder than they need to be. Love God, love people, do the right thing, love what you do and do what you love.

Jordan is a free-lance Certified Spin Instructor, a Certified Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness Oaks and Norristown, in addition to a Qualified TRX Instructor. He is a wrestler with 15+ years of experience and remains very active. Jordan enjoys pushing himself and trying new, uncomfortable things such as training and long-distance running. He takes pleasure in the challenge and has fallen in love with being able to enthusiastically instruct high-energy classes that clients can enjoy time and time again.

Jordan is very passionate about the fight against childhood cancer. He has met and funded for families that are doing everything they can from downsizing homes, taking up a second and third job, or selling a car in order to provide their child with the care and treatment that they deserve and need. Whether it’s running a marathon for the cause, hosting a fundraiser, or simply making a donation, he promises to never stop raising childhood cancer awareness until a cure is found. Jordan has recently launched his personal fitness brand called CUTLOOSE™ where 5% of the net profits are donated seasonally to benefit the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

“Everything I do is for the kids.”